Most Successful Bathroom Remodeling Companies In New Jersey

There is going to be a recessed light up there which look at being above the shower above the sink which we’ve discovered has to be a pedestal thing because of space restrictions Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey.

The pedestal sink will go right about here and so right about here will be an electrical outlet then also there’s going to be an electrical outlet here on this side and then one that’s up here.

There will be cabinets that run along here kind of like square cubby cabinets for towels and decorative things and so putting a hidden outlet up there will allow for different lighting or whatever probably some rope lighting and then the main light will be here and also the main light above the mirror.

So right about here so those will be on one power cord so we have one recessed light makes two fan makes three and then that electrical outlet makes for as far as things that have to be powered by a switch so the switch will be here.

It will be a four-way I have some fancy black ones that two switches per plate so that will look nice with matching black outlets so quite a bit of wire to run but that will be today’s project is getting all the electrical ready.

So here is the fan that I bought at Lowe’s just a basic blower fan it will go in the ceiling in the corner there’s the wall ducting kit the fan will blow there out and this will be on the outside of the house never done it before but instructions look pretty simple this is the recessed lighting piece pretty basic it’s basically going to go up into the rafters there it’s got these sliders that look like Bathroom Remodel and Renovation.

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