How to Remodel Your Bathroom

I suggest that you go on the internet check out magazines and books on bathroom remodeling go to the library but again the Internet’s full of ideas check it out and see if we come across something that you like but keep in mind How to Remodel Your Bathroom.

the budget is going to be priority and whether or not that particular project that you’re looking at will actually fit into your space or work well you know for example if you see a window like this I like that window and I like this but in your bathroom the shower stops right here and the wall is right here.

you know the only window you’re going to be able to put in would be something half the size this is common thing I see when I was doing a lot of bathroom remodeling someone would pull out a picture and they would say it here what I want and then, of course, I would explain to them.

what they’re actually going to get number four would be colors would I would suggest avoiding getting a little carried away with some colors that somebody else might not like or you know you might like it but it doesn’t-seem to match and I have I’ve seen people go in you know.

I want a black toilet and they put a black toilet and this thing sticks out like a sore thumb everybody who walks down the hallway or wherever it sees this black toilet that’s what you’re looking for go for it the reason why I’m suggesting this is that I’ve actually worked on a lot of homes where people you know hey I want this and I want that and then they end up selling the property later.

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