how to get your ex-girlfriend back

know go to the gym pick up a new hobby go on some dates with some other girls even though you don’t want yeah no you want your ex coming back but still go out on some dates keep your keys.

keep busy during this at this time this recovery period for the first days after the break-up now once you’ve sufficiently gone through the recovery period then you don’t want to move on to what I call the rekindling period this is the second of three phases.

Getting your how to get your ex-girlfriend back and this involves two things essentially one making your ex miss you now if you if you successfully gone through the recovery period like I just described you’ve actually already done most of the hard work here because think about it what makes you miss someone well your ex-girlfriend became completely accustomed to having you.

In her life every day you were there for her you talked to her on the phone every day you know you were there for dinner every night whatever it was she you became a part of her gaming life and then after the breakup when she ignored you or exceeded when you ignore her she all of a sudden you were gone from her life completely cold turkey boom you gonna.

shh right after the break-up and because she was so accustomed to having you there the shock of not having you there is going to make her miss you like crazy and you nee that it’s really important and that’s one of the reasons why the no contact phase is so.

important and so efficient and effective and making her want you back and that’s key you need her to want you back and one of the reasons she’s going to want you back is because she’s going to miss you like crazy because you simply vanished from her life now once you’ve successfully gone through the days of no contact you’ve recovered.

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