How To Get People To Like Window Tinting

Keep these absorbents because they’re not as expensive to buy and I keep reusing them and I always keep them around onto waste paper towels I’ll have to deal with lint but I kind of clean everything that I I’m going to be working around the next thing I want to do is think about the film that I’m going to use I keep my tape measure so that I can measure how I want to cut my film in this case I probably go about.

Inches they give me a little more than I need so let me get the film but before I do that I want to spray my glass real quick that’s my mixture I’ve just cleaned here’s my film I’ve determined that the release liner is a side facing me it’s always very important.

I’m not going to double cut on this video I’m just going to show how I would do one pattern what I want you to notice that I’ve pulled the film down further and I haven’t tried to use a straight edge to line at the bottom I made sure I’ve got plenty overlapping at the top my window film is dry I like to use my smart cards to anchor my my film quick step I’m putting a lot of pressure.

On here I’ll just want to make sure there is an anchor so I don’t want anything to move but I’m going to show you a method that I liked and if come up with over the years it involves a sharpie I generally don’t like blue I like the other color so that I can see them better but the blue works fine I’m going to trace this before I even think about cutting it I’m not really I’ve shied away from cutting on cars I actually like to mark my patterns but I like to cut them at another location and I don’t ever trust the factory straight edge listen folks I don’t trust my own straightedge because if I depend on a machine to cut my straightedge and there’s a problem then.